Round Rock Referral Network

A Premier Industry Specific Network

Established 2003


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Round Rock Referral Network is an independent Industry Specific network of business professionals; one person per industry, and one industry per person.  The primary purpose of our group is to provide each other with quality referrals.

The four things required and defines membership in the group are:

  1. Show Up

  2. Participate

  3. Pass Quality Referrals

  4. Do what you say you're going to do, and if You Screw Up, Fix It!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The leadership team has put a cap on membership at 50 members.  If you would like to become a member you still must go through this process to be considered for the waiting list as an Associate Member.

Membership may be attained through a three step process; four, four, and apply.

  1. Attend four meetings.

  2. Have four one-to-ones (1/1) with each of the leadership team in those four weeks.  We encourage having 1/1 with other members as well.

  3. Complete an application for review, and turn it in at the next meeting you attend.

If the cap of 50 members has been met you can be put on the waiting list, and considered an Associate Member.  Associate Members are free to be substitutes for members in their absence, and will also have access to the online Facebook and LinkedIn group pages to stay in touch, and offer themselves as a substitute to those members that need them. 

Substitutes are permitted to act on behalf of no more than one member plus themselves.  Regular members do don't qualify to sub.

Why would you want to become a member?  Aside from the great relationships built here, the following benefits are exclusive to our members:

  1. You get to put your business cards in the Business Card Binder
  2. You get opportunity to get your name on the Speaker List to do your 10-Minute Presentation on a designated date
  3. Your name and business are listed on the web site with links to your own
  4. Your name on the Member Roster located at this link
  5. Your name on the Attendance Roster, so you will not be required to sign in
  6. Access to the Facebook Group Page
  7. Access to the LinkedIn Group Page
  8. ALL FOR FREE!!!!

To lose your membership simply don't show up for three weeks in a row, or miss 6 meetings over a rolling three month period, and your industry will be open; our next months roster your slot will open.  For attendance purposes, arrival after the presentation begins will be considered absent.  Once you drop off of regular membership status, you can remain an Associate Member.


You will be notified when your name is removed from the membership attendance list, you must sign on the guest list to be reconsidered for regular membership.